RetinaStation - non mydriatic Full Auto Fundus Camera

Product Information

The RetinaStation System Is A Fully-automatic, Non-mydriatic 45° Retinal Imaging Devicewith An Eye To The 3 Smart Features.For Practitioners, The New Model Is Well Thought-out In Many Ways.

Product Description

The RetinaStation system is a fully-automatic, non-mydriatic 45° retinal imaging devicewith an eye to the 3 smart features.For practitioners, the new model is well thought-out in many ways.They include ease of use, top-quality image capturing, stand-alone design

The RetinaStation with a high resolution of 12 million pixels is easy to use.

Accurate color rendition is notched up in usual imaging and also in enlargements and

photo-montages. Sharp area-to-area images help increase diagnostic accuracy


1st Nikon branded ophthalmic product

45 degreeNonMydriaticfundus camera

All In One Standalone Fundus Camera

Just 1 click Full-Automatic Capturing

High quality fundus image

Smart-Phone like operation

Automatic Wide Field Montage


Technical Specifications

Product RetinaStation  
function Value / Type Remark
Fundus image   Non-mydriatic, color image
Field of view >= 45 degrees  
Illumination for retina image (capture) White LED Flashes for capturing images
Cornea image (capture) White LED Flashes for capturing images
Illumination during alignment to patient’s retina NIR LED Central wavelength in the range of 735 – 850nm
Focus diopter adjustment range −15D to +10D −30D to−10D or +5D~+30D Without compensation lens With compensation lens
Minimum pupil size 4mm  
Focus adjustment Auto / manual Split-image technique
Image sensor CMOS 12 megapixel  
Z-ranging (working distance) 2 fiber dots  
Working distance 25㎜ from lens to cornea Accuracy:+/−0.5㎜
Fixation Internal 10 points
Function Value / Type  
Alignment Fully automatic 3D tracking  
Alignment mode Full auto / auto/ manua  
Chin rest Motorized  
Interface USB 2.0 port*, LAN, HDMI, WiFi (optional)  
Input/output format Image format: JPEG, PNG, BMP, DICOM (optional)  
Display 10.1” LCD monitor, touch panel  
Operation range Front / back :40㎜ Left / right :90㎜ Up / down :30㎜  
Chin rest range Up / down :70㎜  



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