Product Information

Silverstone, The Most Powerful Tool Yet For Examining The Retina, Is The Only Ultra-widefield Imaging Device With Integrated Swept Source OCT.  Silverstone Produces A 200° Single-capture Retinal Image Of Unrivaled Clarity In Less Than ½ Second And Enables Optomap Guided OCT Scanning Across The Retina And Into The Far Periphery.  

Product Description

Silverstone, the most powerful tool yet for examining the retina, is the only ultra-widefield imaging device with integrated swept source OCT.  Silverstone produces a 200° single-capture retinal image of unrivaled clarity in less than ½ second and enables optomap guided OCT scanning across the retina and into the far periphery.  
Silverstone offers the following benefits:
  • UWF with integrated swept-source OCT, facilitates detailed examination of the retina-vitreous to sclera
  • UWF guided, swept-source OCT, images pathology anywhere on the optomap
  • 1050 nm OCT light source, provides deeper tissue penetration for clear, detailed choroidal imaging
  • 3-in-1 Color Depth ImagingTM provides important clinical data from the retinal surface through the choroid

Technical Specifications

Image Modalities

optomap color and optomap plus (red and green laser): 
   Color composite view
   Green laser view
   Red laser view 
optomap af (green laser): autofluorescence
optomap fa (blue laser): fluorescein angiography
optomap icg (infra-red): indocyanine green angiography
Swept Source Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)


optomap color: 20 μm
optomap plusaf : 14 μm


Red laser: 635 nm
Green laser: 532 nm (for af )
Blue laser: 488 nm (for fa)
Infra-red: 802 nm (for icg)

Exposure Time

Less than 0.4 seconds

Tomographic Imaging

Signal Type: Optical scattering from tissue
Signal Source: Swept source OCT, Wavelength 1050 nm
Optical Power: Laser safety Class-1 following IEC/en60825-1:2014(2007)Axial Resolution: <7 micron
Transverse Resolution: <20 micron (in tissue)
Scanners: Galavanometric with x, y pair
Scan Depth: Up to 2.5mm

OCT Scan Characteristics

Swept Source OCT
A-Scan rate up to 100k cycles/s

OCT Scan Types

Line Scan
Volume Scan
High Density Scan


Width: 540 mm/22 inches
Depth: 570 mm/23 inches (including chin rest)
Height: 683-707 mm/27-28 inches



Optomap Color


Red Free




Optomap fa


Optomap icg



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